Lewisham students collaborate with Royal Museums Greenwich for Refugee Week

To celebrate Refugee Week, ESOL learners at Lewisham College worked with Royal Museums Greenwich to produce a video sharing their individual experiences and interpretation of the 2021 theme ‘We Cannot Walk Alone.’

This theme reflects the links within society and how our wellbeing depends on the welfare, safety and hard work of others. Learners studying ESOL Entry 1, Entry 2 and Level 1 captured this in a video where they share unique experiences, their interpretation of ‘We Cannot Walk Alone’ and what freedom means to them, expanding their vocabulary and building their fluency in English to unlock opportunities in their future career.

Asfa Sohail, Principal of Lewisham College, said: “Refugee Week is an important event to Lewisham College and our community, we are very proud of our students for getting involved and raising awareness of these connections to build a fairer, more inclusive society. It is wonderful to see our learners build confidence in speaking English which will be key to accessing opportunities in the future.”

Watch this video now on the Royal Museums Greenwich website.